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Month: December 2014

Transforming Education

Wednesday night I was thrilled to join other educators and parents from DPS109 at our first 1:1 in 109 Parent Tech Workshop. There were sessions on a wide variety of topics such as Edmodo, Chromebooks, Twitter, etc. I was proud to lead two sessions for parents on Elementary Digital Resources such as Discovery Techbook, SchoolCity, and Study Island. Through both sessions I was reminded that technology is not only enhancing the learning experience for our students – it is transforming it. The goal of 1:1 learning and technology is not to replace a worksheet with its digital version. The point is to allow students to learn and apply knowledge in ways not previously possible. I’m thrilled in DPS109 we have begun that journey toward transforming education. We are just getting started and we have a long way to go but every day I see our students taking steps toward that future and it is inspiring.

I’d like to share this TED talk from Richard Culatta who works for the Department of Education. Richard gives a great glimpse into the future of how learning can and is being transformed.

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